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Hare Krishna


Prowess Publishing
March 28, 2017

Book Details

HARE KRISHNA is Mahathi's 8th book, based on the eternal Indian epic, SRIMAD BHAGAVATHAM by H.H. Sage SRIKRISHNA DWAIPAYANA VYASA.
HARE KRISHNA is the melodious saga of Lord Sri Krishna's childhood adventures composed in lyrical and narrative ballads with an authentic analysis and philosophical explanation of the mystical and wondrous exploits of the Godhead on earth.

Author Description

Mahathi is arguably one of the best Indian English poets of the 21st century. Though started his poetic cruise like any other poet, composing poems on such hackneyed subjects like, nature, love, beauty and burning social issues, later started focusing all his poetic skills in exploring the deep sacred niches of spiritual realms and heights of ecstatic poetic expression.His mastery over prosody, philosophical approach, clear diction, finest use of figures of speech, aesthetics, clever strokes of satire and pun and thrilling narrations made him a poet of enviable literary supremacy. His 6th book viz. FINDING THE MOTHER, a trans-creation of SRI SUNDARAKANDA, the 5th Canto of SRIMAD RAMAYANA stands out as an all time classic of English literature.Mahathi believes that avidya (lack of spiritual education and practice) as the root cause of all social maladies and that ever human by reading the Dharmic path alone can bring eternal peace and prosperity to the world.

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