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Dependent Independence


Chegue Publishers
October 15, 2020

Book Details

Everyone knows where they were when the first case of Coronavirus in the country was announced, but not everyone knows how a virus like Coronavirus reveals so much about the historical, socio-economic and political sacred cows humanity has been breeding for more than a 1000 years and how these have created a free range for the pandemic to graze and unleash mayhem on an unprepared world. This book shatters the easy arrogance of countries with long held beliefs of how their power and economic prowess insulates them from the plagues often associated with the least developed countries in the world. In the run up to the 2020 elections, Americans are waking up to the reality that Democracy is very fragile and held together not by its gleaming skyscrapers but a philosophical framework that can easily be destroyed if the citizens do not protect it. For poor countries perennially unable to shrug off the shackles of corruption and ineptitude holding them back, it lays bare the brutal fact that the knee on their neck today is their own. An open mind is a very rare item but that is what this book asks of its reader. It brings historical facts carefully hidden through centuries of prejudice and misinformation with the intent to force us to confront ourselves, to ask questions we had not dared to imagine and perhaps set us on a path to collective healing, redemption and progress

Author Description

C.O. Makame is a philosopher, Policy Consultant, and International Businessman. He was born of African parents, and attended top universities in Africa, Europe, and the United States, where he obtained undergraduate and advanced degrees in the Social Sciences, Classical Studies, Business Administration, and Government. The extensively-traveled Humanist lives in Washington, D.C. and California with his two Great Danes, and is an avid photographer, an audiophile, a classically-trained violinist, an average carpenter and furniture-maker, as well as a keen people-and-bird watcher Nadia is an Ivy League college graduate of Communications and Computer Design. She has worked in Corporate Communications , Advertising and Industrial Design. She is currently a Consultant in a broad spectrum of design elements.

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