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101 Life Lessons According to Dad


August 28, 2017

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As most divorced couples know -- with kids in the mix -- it is very difficult to have a positive influence on a child particularly when dad lives out of state -- far removed from the rigors of the day to day challenges of raising a child. My original plan was to write one life lesson each week and mail it to my daughter for her to read, study and keep for future reference. Sort of like homework with dad yet still be educational and fun in the process. I wrote my first Life Lesson on June 28, 2011. After many revisions, the book was completed a year later. At the time, I would hand write the Life Lesson on a legal sized piece of paper and photocopy it at the local Post Net store and send the original to my daughter Kelsey in Seattle. I kept the photocopy. After dozens of trips, the young woman working behind the counter, Kate Krutilova, says "You know Thorp, you need to write a book!" I thought about it for a moment and realized she was absolutely right! I finally reached my goal of 100 Life Lessons... Three weeks later another one popped into my head at 3am in the morning... So I ended up with 101! The funny thing about reading this book is that there is no rhyme or reason as to the order in which each Life Lesson is written. It's just what came to me at the time. (That is the great thing about having ADD.) Special thanks to Dr. Victoria Ibric at the Neurofeedback & NeuroRehab Institute in Pasadena, CA. I hope you will find this book entertaining, heart-warming and full of really good tips. Buy one for yourself... Better yet, buy two and give it to someone you care about. Thanks for your support! Enjoy!

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