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A Little Sky off the Wings


Prowess Publishing
September 16, 2019

Book Details

Does constant living together bring terrible monotony to life? Do you feel marriage is a sort of silent imprisonment or tremendous encroachment on one's privacy? Does marriage inherently carry a micro level atrocity in a couple's relationship? Do the men folk have a natural weakness to be attracted towards beautiful women?Does a man know about innate needs of a woman's heart? What is happiness in marriage? Can it be measured? Do small matters and petty grievances tilt the scale of life in its favour when weighed against surreal and larger happiness? Does the very existence of human race have only two faces: One Adam and one Eve? Is our Indian ideology of a commitment lasting through births and rebirths relevant in present time?This novel written in the form of a diary gently deals with the subject of intricacies of married life, evaluates and analyses the subject of expectations of a man and a woman, elaborates the fineness of female sensitivity and tests the instinctive human expectations on the anvil of time without being partisan of either sex. The geographical surroundings and its unification with the sentimental inner world of Parnavi make the expressions poignant. The most impressive facet of this novel is the incorporation of the life and thinking of different cultures. The author takes the characters from a modern city like Paris to the distant villages of Val Badia with its aboriginal culture and society, thereby giving it a perspective of very modern concept of 'Multi-culturalism' to the novel. The ease of language for the author is innate. Lucidity and charm have blended naturally.

Author Description

Rajeev and Bharti Rane are medical doctors by profession. Bharti Rane is well known and recognized for her books on personal essays and travelogues. She has five books on her credit and all of them have won literary awards. Ranes have travelled the world extensively with a view to study cultures and natural wonders. As a couple they have quest for achieving best possible relationship between a man and a woman. This Novel evaluates Indian concept of marriage in perspective of multiculturism. Putting this thought-provoking Novel of cultural dilemma in front of young readers is their humble step towards it.

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