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Health Healing Secrets: 10 Commandments to Avoid to Save Your God-Given Life


Elohim Inc
May 18, 2019
Health & Fitness

Book Details

To assist the human body regenerate, heal and feel better, one must understand "Ten Commandments To Avoid". The human body while alive each day seeks daily nutrition, repair and rest, thus to assist this life form pattern one must become disciplined in the do's and don'ts moment by moment to continually create a positive beneficial result to improve, repair and gain unlimited outrageous energy at any age. The human body is a superior designed carbon-based unit with the unlimited potential to live hundreds of years when utilizing the basic information to first and foremost avoid the nearest dangers of sin and error against your most prize position, your Creator has given you. The human body as miraculous laired levels of reserves in each organ to repair from any disease or disorder when given the proper natural protocol friendly and compatible to your life form. To build an endless wealth of contagious energy and essence of youth at any age one must understand the how the body collaborates in three phases to restore pristine super health: 1.) Eradicate, kill, or destroy the disorder or disease. 2.) Rebuild, restore, repair the immune and vital force through natural holistic choices. 3.) Detox, eliminate and remove all destroyed dangerous enemies and toxic chemicals. When one has the goal to restore life or live life to its fullest potential, each daily portion of intake with natural organic nutrition is optimum to repair or maintain a healthy body. However, it is even more important to memorize "Ten Commandments To Avoid-To Save Your God Given Life". Thou Shall Breath Clean And Fresh Air. II. Thou Shall Only Drink Distilled Waters. III. Thou Shall Not Painfully Exhaust Thy Body. IV. Thou Shall Avoid Harmful Chemicals. V. Thou Shall Leave Bread Alone. VI. Thou Shall Not Eat Refine Sugars VII. Thou Shall Not Consume Harmful Preservatives. VIII. Thou Shall Avoid Plastic Containers. IX. Thou Shall Avoid Harmful Cookware. X. Thou Shall Avoid Radiations And Microwaves.

Author Description

The author-writer, Joseph J. Randazzo has written over a dozen screenplays for the major motion picture film industry along with publishing magazines and books over the last 45 years. Currently Mr. Randazzo specializes in writing books with tremendous information in three categories, Health-Longevity, Finance and Universal Spiritual Research, which can be found under the Authors name, Joseph J. Randazzo, online. He also acts as President of a Motion Production Company and a Medical Research and Development Company, specializing in advanced life extension and longevity. Both sides of Joseph's family are from Palermo Sicily, however he was born in the Midwest, USA in the early 1950's. His family relocated to southern California in 1961 and insisted Joseph achieve a Catholic education where he graduated from St. Irenaeus Grammar School, run by very strict Priests and Nuns from Ireland. Joseph was an altar boy along with being a member of the basketball and baseball teams each year.

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