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Meditation Education


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January 7, 2020
Health & Fitness

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A critique on meditation for everyone, and teaching children mindfulness.

Author Description

Deb Huntley is a meditation educator with 50 years experience in Buddhism. She started her contemplative path in 1969 visiting Tassajara Zen Center shortly after attending Woodstock. That three day Thanksgiving visit to the California mountain Zen center and meeting Suzuki Roshi changed the course of her life by his uplifting presence. After Suzuki died, she met and studied with the head the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche who became her "root guru," and lived at his center in Ashland, Oregon while she earned her teaching degree at Southern Oregon University. In Boulder Colorado, she earned a MA Contemplative Psychotherapy degree at Naropa University and studied mindfulness awareness with Trungpa Rinpoche for eight years. When the Dalai Lama visited Boulder, she was privileged to act as one of his guards during the time he visited and taught. Deb met Thich Nhat Nhnh at Naropa after Trungpa died, and studied with him for six years in CO, CA, and in Southern France at his monastery Plum Village. She was ordained in the Rinzai Zen lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh and Prabhasa Dharma Roshi and became a mindfulness teacher. After Prabhasa Dharma Roshi's death, Deb studied and practiced with Joko Beck for 16 transformative years until Joko's death. Deb has integrated her pedagogy experiences of public education, Waldorf education, Montessori methods, and listening to Krishamuti in his oak grove with her mindfulness training and insights. Currently she maintains her educational website www.zenhomeschool.org and a contemplative consultation practice in Eugene, Or where she lives on the Willamette River.

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