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The Famous & Successful: Their Advice For All Of Us


May 5, 2020
Self Help

Book Details

SUCCESSFUL MEN AND WOMEN SHARE THEIR INSIGHTFUL ADVICE ON HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE. How do you become successful in life ? The answer, was offered by people who already accomplished their goals and dreams. More than 200 distinguished men and women, from movie actors to astronauts, from baseball players to business men and women, from singers to politicians shared their advice with the authors of this book. In our research on "What is success ?" and "How to be successful in life ?" We found, there are common threads to achieving both. Within the pages of this book are practical strategies and wisdom for improving your life. If practiced can turn someone's failure to victory, a life of despair to a life of hope and opportunity. This book is in essence a guidebook for anybody who want to be successful in whatever they do. Even a quick read of few pages can turn your life around. Also point your ambitions in the right direction. When you start reading it you will not want to stop.

Author Description

Ron StovallRon Stovall was raised in Pittsburg, California, and graduated from high school in 1983. Later he received diplomas in Business Management and Office Administration. He is a graduate of programs in Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting as well as Nonprofit Leadership and Management.
He is currently enrolled in community college classes continuing his study in accounting and marketing. He also volunteers as a tutor for Parkside Youth Literacy Project, a charitable organization that teach boys and girls how to read and write. Ron enjoys autograph collecting and reading Star Warsnovels.
Ron is currently incarcerated at Folsom Prison. The prescription for life project took nearly 13 years of letter writing, soliciting responses to complete.
Joe KrausJoe Kraus is a United States Navy veteran and has been married for nearly 50 years to his wife Karren. They have three grown children and six grandchildren.
He spent his whole working life as a journalist including 15 years as managing editor of various daily newspapers. He has written for national magazines with more than 300 feature stories published in about 60 different publications. He founded the Autograph Collector's Magazinein 1986 and Child Star Magazinein 1992. His two non-fiction books published to date are Alive in the Desertand Tales from the Deep. Several more books are in production.
Joe was contacted by Ron for assistance in the book project after seeing his name associated with the autograph magazine. Because this book project was such a unique idea, especially with the autograph element, he couldn't refuse the offer to help. As a bonus, a long standing and close friendship was born.

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