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The Guava Patch


December 12, 2013

Book Details

The guava is a delicious edible tropical fruit.It grows on trees and ranges from a green to yellowish color,the fruit is pink on the inside and full of small seeds.The tree grows abundantly on the island of Trinidad,and the fruit ranges in size from a ping pong ball to a closed fist. The guava is used to make jams,jellies,juices,ice-cream and cheeses,the fruit has a strong,sweet smell.Hayden Guy's first sexual experience with a young,beautiful woman was under and a guava tree. When the fruit is ripe its scent can be picked up from a distance.

Author Description

Hayden Guy was born in Trinidad and Tobago,in the town of San Fernando. He migrated to the United States at 17.He lives in Brooklyn, New York where his mother and siblings also reside.Two of his sisters still reside in Trinidad.Hayden Guy is a member of the initiated,the Sheloshim,a group of messianic followers known in Biblical Scripture as the 12 apostles.The Sheloshim are directly taught the esoteric and apocryphal content of the Holy Scriptures by the Creator himself in the form of the Messiah,El Shaddai Yisrael.They are sent out to proclaim El Shaddai Yisrael's message of judgement and salvation to the Jews first and then the Gentiles.

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