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The Mentoring Clinic


January 25, 2017

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Born in South Baltimore City in March of 1942, my mother moved my two sisters and me to a new housing development for military families in Baltimore County when I was three. My youthful years were spent fishing, crabbing, tree climbing, catching snakes and other forms of small wildlife in Turner Station, Maryland.
In my late teenage years, I was a feared gangbanger-without a gun. As my interests and curiosity about life matured, I wanted to comprehend the tenets of manhood. I chose the teachings of Elijah Muhammad rather than opting into the military where many young men around me headed for their manhood classes.
During my childhood fling with wildlife, I had a serious desire to study the laws of nature. I had no access to technology or even conventional equipment like a magnifying glass, but I would do such things as use a piece of glass to study a blade of grass and everything around that blade. I would sit for hours on the water's edge, and as I followed the motions of the waters, I would travel all around the world. (I was afraid of the sensation of doing it in a boat or even in the water.)
In my adult years, I wanted to further the development of my whole self. I attended meetings:
• The Theosophical Society which provided an array of spiritual studies.
• Initiation into the Moorish Science Temple of America.
• Continuing education classes on the science of meditation and yoga
• Read and studied the works of Joseph Murphy, Ernest Holmes, Noble Drew, Ali Edgar Casey, et. al.
• Several Orders of the Masonic Society.
• Spiritual and physical training in the nation of Islam.

I wanted to see further than the rituals that people practice. I wanted to go behind the veil. I wanted to connect my findings to my mind's eye. The Mentoring Clinic will allow me to share some of these techniques that nature has provided to gain access into one's own mind.
For this I am grateful.

Author Description

As a veteran mentor for 40 plus years, I have been inspired with vision for a unique mentoring clinic whose primary purpose is to dispense information that helps the brain develop the habit of looking at the world through scientific thinking for successful lifestyle. I, myself have had several mentors. From them, I quickly learned that the information which mentors must share must be made clear to the listener in a simplistic way. People should not see it as complicated. When simplified, the listener may be more willing to submit to the science of truth. Submitting to scientific thinking is a key to success. Success comes when one is in harmony with laws, formula, and principals of life. For example, when one bakes bread, the ingredients should blend together harmoniously, mixing dry materials and specific liquids at the correct temperature.
However, disharmony in our lives may attract us to bad mixes such as batches of stubbornness, hard headedness and hatred, including self-hatred.
When our youth understand that success of any kind usually follows when right principals are applied in the brain, young people are more likely to avoid wrong friendships that introduce the kind of thinking that may lead to bad experiences. Misuse of principals may develop less discipline of one's moral self. Rather, submission to high morals, scientific thoughts and values will keep one on track by creating a moral base in one's own thinking. Such a role model can help those who are still stumbling, mentally developing their legs toward self-discipline. With the will to be an effective role model, the mentor will become less selfish and more self-less. With this discipline and insightfulness, one can better serve those who are trying to see and become visionaries. My vision is being materialized now that I am a life coach consultant. I advocate for and work with young men, some who have developmental disabilities. Training has already begun in an outreach program for other potential life coach mentors. A workbook to supplement The Mentoring Clinic is also coming to fruition.
Elijah Muhammad taught his followers to often repeat this Bible verse,

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